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Blaze of Glory - Premium

Blaze of Glory - Premium

Protection of the wearer is our foremost mission, and Premium exceeds this goal. We learn from actual feedbacks and experiences from firefighter who risk their life to save lives and enhance the ability of suits to the maximum.

TWFD® T-shirt

TWFD® T-shirt

Self-owned fabric brands, TWFD® guarantees quality and origin of materials. The T-shirt is of good quality for moisture perspiration and will soon be ready for purchase on Taiwan PChome online shop.


KANOX® FR Fabrics / SUPER ARMOR Turnout Gears Distributor Introduction

Taiwan K.K. Corporation is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in fire fighting garment industry, protective clothing industry. KANOX® FR Fabrics / SUPER ARMOR Turnout Gears has been offering our customers high quality fire fighting garment, protective clothing, fire retardant fabric, fire resistant clothing, flame retardant fabric, fire retardant clothing since 1999. With both advanced technology and 25 years experience, KANOX® FR Fabrics / SUPER ARMOR Turnout Gears always make sure to meet each customer's demand.


Be a distributor of KANOX® & MAZIC® high performance FR fabrics, or SUPER ARMOR structural turnout gear!!

Becoming a distributor

Over the years, Taiwan K.K. has developed a quality system of distributors who support our business operations. The ultimate goal, in a nutshell, is to provide excellent products and services within tight time frames, at a cost that represents the best possible value to our customers and fire fighters. If that sounds like an impossible mission, it's the same one we assign ourselves.

We are proud of the strong relationships we have built with our distributors, many of whom have been working with us for years. And we are always looking to expand our distributor base to accommodate our rapidly growing customer base. To that end, we periodically review our relationships and add new distributors as needed.

Distributors at Taiwan K. K.

Taiwan K. K. requires each of its distributors to meet the highest standards for all goods and services. Our requirements include a commitment to rigorous quality assurance. In addition, distributors must be committed, as we are, to ensuring the highest standards of social responsibility.

The ideal distributors are those who understand our culture and expectations. We value distributors who take the time to learn about our business and who look for ways to add value. These distributors know the importance of making and meeting commitments and delivering the highest quality goods as well as services.

Our business environment is competitive and fast-paced. Our distributors must understand this dynamic and be agile and flexible in responding to changing business conditions. Above all, Taiwan K.K. values innovation. We appreciate distributors who truly understand and share in our challenges, and who help us find the best possible solutions.

If you are looking for a local distributor, please email us at kanox@taiwankk.com