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Blaze of Glory - Premium

Blaze of Glory - Premium

Protection of the wearer is our foremost mission, and Premium exceeds this goal. We learn from actual feedbacks and experiences from firefighter who risk their life to save lives and enhance the ability of suits to the maximum.

TWFD® T-shirt

TWFD® T-shirt

Self-owned fabric brands, TWFD® guarantees quality and origin of materials. The T-shirt is of good quality for moisture perspiration and will soon be ready for purchase on Taiwan PChome online shop.


Flame Resistant Fabrics & Fire Resistant Fabrics Manufacturer | Taiwan K.K. Corporation

Based in Taiwan since 1976, Taiwan K.K. Corporation has been a flame resistant and fire retardant clothing manufacturer. Their main products, include fire fighting garments, protective clothing, fire retardant fabrics, fire resistant clothing, flame retardant fabrics and fire retardant clothing, which has inherently fire-resistant textiles such as KANOX® & MAZIC® fabrics, as well as SUPER ARMOR fire fighting suits.

KANOX® FR Fabrics / SUPER ARMOR® Turnout Gears is a Taiwan fire fighting garment and clothing supplier providing high performance protective turnout gear, fire retardant clothing, flame retardant fabric, anti-static fabric, heat insulation firefighter clothing. With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing fire fighting garment, protective clothing, fire retardant fabric, fire resistant clothing, flame retardant fabric, fire retardant clothing and more.

KANOX® FR Fabrics / SUPER ARMOR® Turnout Gears has been offering customers protective fire resistant clothing for firefighters, both with advanced technology and 48 years experience, KANOX® FR Fabrics / SUPER ARMOR® Turnout Gears ensures each customer's demands are met.


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  • SUPER ARMOR x Shih Chien University College of Design - Firefighting Suit Design Industry-Academia

    Taiwan K.K. Corp. has been working on fire resistant fabrics for over two decades. The protective properties of the fabric itself directly influence the safety of firefighters. Our R&D Department initially focused on the enhancement of the fire resistant properties of the fabric rather than on the design of the pattern or appearance.We made EN Standard fire fighting suits and our patterns are based on European and American body types. The question of whether such patterns are suited to Taiwanese or to Asian body types has been a long-standing debate in the industry. So, we work with Shih Chien University College of Design to renovate and improve our fire garments. Hoping to use this opportunity to design a firefighter’s garment that better fits Asian body types. This is actually what makes Taiwan K.K. Corp. quite different from other brands.

  • Best Protection For Fire Fighter

    Super Armor FMKH Flame Retardant Hood is the best choice for firefighters. Perfectly designed for optimal fit with most SCBA masks, like MSA, Drager and Interspiro. Applied to fully wrap the face with no gaps.

  • Super Armor, Episode 4: Some more serious testing for Super Armor's firefighting suits

    More serious testing for Super Armor firefighting suits. Taiwan K.K. Corp. presents its firefighting suit Super Armor with EN 469 by letting it try out by ordinary people.

  • TAIWAN K.K. CORP. - Taking Care of Our Firemen

    Taiwan K.K. Corp. always work closely with fire departments in order to ensure firemen's safety. By providing equipment of the highest standards we achieve our goals.

  • Largest Facility for FF Suit Cleaning in Asia

    We at Taiwan K.K. Corp. / KANOX® have decades of experience working closely with firemen, as we set up the largest fire suit cleaning facility in Asia, more and more suits can be handled and their protection properties be restored.

  • As Good as New - Fire Fighting Suits Repaired by TAIWAN K.K. CORP.

    Currently some Taiwan fire departments are still using outdated fire equipments, such as turnout gears. Taiwan K.K. Corp. offers solutions by providing refurbishing services to these departments.

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