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Blaze of Glory - Premium

Blaze of Glory - Premium

Protection of the wearer is our foremost mission, and Premium exceeds this goal. We learn from actual feedbacks and experiences from firefighter who risk their life to save lives and enhance the ability of suits to the maximum.

TWFD® T-shirt

TWFD® T-shirt

Self-owned fabric brands, TWFD® guarantees quality and origin of materials. The T-shirt is of good quality for moisture perspiration and will soon be ready for purchase on Taiwan PChome online shop.


Our Factory | 25 Years Flame Resistant Firefighter Garment Manufacturer | Taiwan K.K. Corporation

Based in Taiwan since 1999, Taiwan K.K. Corporation has been a flame resistant and fire retardant clothing manufacturer. Their main products, include Our Factory, fire fighting garments, protective clothing, fire retardant fabrics, fire resistant clothing, flame retardant fabrics and fire retardant clothing, which has inherently fire-resistant textiles such as KANOX® & MAZIC® fabrics, as well as SUPER ARMOR fire fighting suits.

KANOX® FR Fabrics / SUPER ARMOR Turnout Gears is a Taiwan fire fighting garment and clothing supplier providing high performance protective turnout gear, fire retardant clothing, flame retardant fabric, anti-static fabric, heat insulation firefighter clothing. With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing fire fighting garment, protective clothing, fire retardant fabric, fire resistant clothing, flame retardant fabric, fire retardant clothing and more.

KANOX® FR Fabrics / SUPER ARMOR Turnout Gears has been offering customers protective fire resistant clothing for firefighters, both with advanced technology and 25 years experience, KANOX® FR Fabrics / SUPER ARMOR Turnout Gears ensures each customer's demands are met.

Our Factory

Fire Resistant Fabric and Turnout Gear Manufacturing Process

Address:  Lot X, Road 11B, Hoa Khanh Open IP, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City, Viet Nam
NEW FACTORY: VIETNAM K.K INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD Address: Lot X, Road 11B, Hoa Khanh Open IP, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City, Viet Nam

Taizhou K.K. Specific Textile Co. Ltd., our factory in China, was established in 2003, has passed the ISO9001: 2008 international quality system certification and ISO14001: 2004 quality and environmental management system certification.

Taizhou K.K. Specific Textile Co., Ltd. specializes in the research, development and production of fire resistant materials. The products are mainly made up of KANOX and MAZIC fireproof fabrics. The products have passed EN469, NFPA1971-2000 and Chinese firefighters fire protection and protective clothing fabric standard (GA10-2002 / 2009) certification and testing for fire-resistant clothing fabrics and a variety of high temperature-resistant products, has developed a fire service, fire blankets and other products, products sold at home and abroad , Widely used.

Business Philosophy:

The company upholds the concept of improving quality, reducing costs, research and development innovation, sustained growth, to provide higher quality services, to cherish the life safety of users in various fields of expertise, to achieve the most complete protection.

In the future, Taizhou K.K. Specific Textile Co. Ltd. will continue to uphold the concept of "Customer Service", tirelessly, innovate and continuously reliver the society with high quality and high standards of products and services so as to strive for the maximum satisfaction of customers and the best performance of products, and create Open a wide range of special textile fiber tough vitality and a better future.


Design Concept:

Taizhou K.K. Specific Textile Co. Ltd. owns the design center of protective clothing, based on the relevant standards, firefighter body and fire fighting tasks for the fire officers and men to design activities agile, safe and comfortable protective clothing.


Quality Assurance:

Taizhou K.K. Specific Textile Co. Ltd. production plant passed ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001: 2004 quality and environmental management system certification.

Fire protection products through European standard fire service EN469 / EN340, headgear EN13911, Firefighters fire protective clothing through the Chinese GA10 standards by the National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center certification test pass, Labor safety flame retardant tooling GB8965 standards and access to the State Administration of Work Safety issued special labor protection supplies safety signs and a series of certificates.


Business Scope:

(A) Operating Production Type:

  1. Spinning
  2. Weaving
  3. Garment Processing
  4. Blanket Processing
  5. Imported Personal Protective Equipment

(B) Self-brands : KANOX , MAZIC , SUPER ARMOR

(C) Fabric : Woven fabrics, Knitted fabrics, Non-woven fabrics.

(D) Clothing : Various types of permanent fire-retardant tooling, all kinds of common uniforms, GA10 fire service, the European standard fire service.

(E) Product Features:

  1. Excellent fire resistance: case of flame does not burn, do not catch fire, do not delay combustion.
  2. Excellent protective: case of fire does not drop, not curled up.
  3. Excellent comfort: soft breathable absorbent.
  4. Anti-chemical corrosion: acid and alkali and solvent erosion.
  5. Excellent color fastness: color fastness to washing, light fastness excellent.
  6. Does not contain fire retardant after treatment and asbestos fiber, glass fiber composition.

    Social Responsibility:

    We take it as our responsibility to green the earth, and starting from own factory to make green by planting as many trees as possible.