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Blaze of Glory - Premium

Blaze of Glory - Premium

Protection of the wearer is our foremost mission, and Premium exceeds this goal. We learn from actual feedbacks and experiences from firefighter who risk their life to save lives and enhance the ability of suits to the maximum.

TWFD® T-shirt

TWFD® T-shirt

Self-owned fabric brands, TWFD® guarantees quality and origin of materials. The T-shirt is of good quality for moisture perspiration and will soon be ready for purchase on Taiwan PChome online shop.


KANOX® FR Fabrics / SUPER ARMOR Turnout Gears Emergency Blanket Service Introduction

Based in Taiwan since 1999, Taiwan K.K. Corporation is a Emergency Blanket supplier and manufacturer with more than 25 years of experence in the fire fighting garment industry, protective clothing industry.

Taiwan fire fighting garment and clothing supplier providing high performance protective turnout gear, fire retardant clothing, flame retardant fabric, anti-static fabric, heat insulation firefighter clothing.

KANOX® FR Fabrics / SUPER ARMOR Turnout Gears has been offering our customers high quality Emergency Blanket production service. With both advanced technology and 25 years experience, KANOX® FR Fabrics / SUPER ARMOR Turnout Gears always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Emergency Blanket

Kanox® 3A, Kanox® 3D Emergency Blanket

KANOX Emergency Blankets made by 100% oxidized fiber have excellent resistance against fire and heat. Families, hotels, factories, and offices should have KANOX Emergency Blankets as one of their escape kits. Fire brigades also need KANOX Emergency Blankets as their rescue kits.

Emergency Blanket


  • Extinguish fire
  • Isolate fire
  • Protect people from fire or heat

Product Description

Emergency Blanket Made of Pre-oxidized Fibres. No asbestos or fiberglass included.

KANOX Emergency Blankets can be used as fire exstinguishing blanket or to protect people escaping from fire site by wrapping people's body .


Item No.MaterialWeavingDimensionsThicknessColor
KANOX-3A100% pre-ox fiber
(non-asbestos / non-fiberglass)
Non-woven felt type0.75 m x 1.0 m3 mmBlack
KANOX-3D100% pre-ox fiber
(non-asbestos / non-fiberglass)
Non-woven felt type1.5 m x 2.0 m3 mmBlack


  • NFPA TPP test


  • 100% oxidize fiber
  • Non-woven, felt type
  • Black color


  • Size: 0.75 M * 1.0 M or 1.50 M * 2.0 M
  • Thickness : 3mm
  • Material: KANOX® NW3
  • Color: Black
  • Flame Testing : Up to 900℃ above
  • Fire resistant felt type fabric with outstanding heat & fire resistant.
  • Fabric with permanent fire resistance properties: Non-melting, non-dripping, very low smoke volume, and excellent Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) rating.
  • Useful for flame isolation and lining escape ways in case of structural fire.
  • 3A type useful for fire extinction as well as fire escape.
  • 3D type can further be used for covering up burning bodies.
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  • Fire Resistant Sewing Thread
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