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Blaze of Glory - Premium

Blaze of Glory - Premium

Protection of the wearer is our foremost mission, and Premium exceeds this goal. We learn from actual feedbacks and experiences from firefighter who risk their life to save lives and enhance the ability of suits to the maximum.

TWFD® T-shirt

TWFD® T-shirt

Self-owned fabric brands, TWFD® guarantees quality and origin of materials. The T-shirt is of good quality for moisture perspiration and will soon be ready for purchase on Taiwan PChome online shop.


KANOX® FR Fabrics / SUPER ARMOR Turnout Gears [20200204] Personal Protective Equipment Regulation (EU 2016/425) Introduction

Taiwan K.K. Corporation is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in fire fighting garment industry, protective clothing industry. KANOX® FR Fabrics / SUPER ARMOR Turnout Gears has been offering our customers high quality fire fighting garment, protective clothing, fire retardant fabric, fire resistant clothing, flame retardant fabric, fire retardant clothing since 1999. With both advanced technology and 25 years experience, KANOX® FR Fabrics / SUPER ARMOR Turnout Gears always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

[20200204] Personal Protective Equipment Regulation (EU 2016/425)

2020/02/04 Taiwan K.K. Corp.

PPE Directive and PPE Regulation

The Personal Protective Equipment Regulation (EU 2016/425) was effective on April 21, 2018, with a 1-year transition period, to replace Personal Protective Equipment Directive (89/686/EEC). 


From April 21, 2019, all PPE being placed on the market must comply with the PPE Regulation, including existing PPE certified against the Directive.  But, it will still be possible for PPE being made available on the market certified according to the PPE Directive until April 21, 2023.


Article 11B

Taiwan K.K. Corporation, certified by Article 11B, is periodically visited by BTTG the credited notify body to check their manufacturing site.  The purpose is to ensure that their quality systems used are capable of enabling consistent production of the certified Super Armor Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).


Facilities in their laboratory are able to do most of the tests required by EN469.  Because of knowledge and experience of EN469 tests, Taiwan K.K. Corporation promise quality well controlled from in-coming materials to finished products.  


Module D

Due to PPE Regulation announced, Taiwan K.K. Corporation started updating their PPE certificates since early 2019.  In addition, they also sent all the Super Armor PPE for tests to get the up-to-date test reports.  These tasks are gradually completed within 2019.  Wearers could rest assured when fighting fires along with Super Armor.    


Under new PPE Regulation, Article 11B Certificate must be updated to Module C2 - product verification or Module D - production quality assurance.  Taiwan K.K. Corporation choose the severer Module D Certificate because quality systems audited by notify body BTTG could help them provide products constantly comply with requirements of EN469 and CE mark. 


Declaration of conformity

Taiwan K.K. Corporation put the declaration of conformity at www.superarmor.com.tw/en/page/PPE-Regulation-EU-2016425/eu-declaration-of-conformity.html, and list the website address where the declaration can be accessed in the User Manual, to ensure easy access to end users.